5 wine accessories to enjoy outdoor drinks ‘n’ snacks

With summer just around the corner and the weather getting warmer, there will be more chances to enjoy the company of a good glass of wine outdoors. Evenings with friends and festive summer drinks ‘n’ snacks await you – maybe on the beach, walking barefoot in the sand!


That said, ensuring a pleasurable drinking experience outdoors needs a little more careful planning, but that doesn’t mean having a picnic or spending a day at the beach brightened by the company of your favourite wine is difficult.


We recommend 5 wine accessories that can help make your experience more enjoyable:

1) Portable wine table


Anyone who’s tried to have drinks ‘n’ snacks on the grass or on the beach knows how hard it can be to find the right place to put the glasses. Just plant this handy portable table made of bamboo in the ground and it’s sturdy enough to hold your wineglasses in place and any tasty morsels you bring along.


2) Unbreakable glasses


Wine glasses are certainly not the easiest things to pack and carry. There are plenty of solutions if you’re looking for a set of unbreakable glasses to take out and about with you, such as these stainless steel wine goblets.


3) Insulated bottle tote


Do you want to add delight to your outdoor drinks ‘n’ snacks with a good white or rosé wine? Use a handy insulated bottle tote to keep your bottles chilled until you are ready to open them.


4) Infrared corkscrew and wine thermometer

It’s always better not to leave anything to chance, even outdoors. Do you want to know if the bottle you are about to open is at the right serving temperature? Then you need two accessories, a thermometer – to measure the temperature of course – and a corkscrew.


If you prefer, you can also opt for a single tool that includes both, like the infrared corkscrew that tells you the temperature of the wine from outside the bottle.


5) The prêt-à-porter kit

Corvo Glicine Collezione Estate offers everything you need to enjoy chic, fun summer drinks ‘n’ snacks. The kit includes a new “Glicine Collezione Estate” limited edition label, a handy Ice Bag® in light, recyclable PVC that can also be used as a cooler, a useful Corvo corkscrew and two Quattrogradi goblets in wisteria-coloured Tritan (an outdoor-safe, shatter-proof material).

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