Florio Winery: nature tour by bicycle!

When the scenery blends with and is part of the history of a place, the perfect union leaves the imagination to become reality. A reality which Florio Winery and Bike4fun will help you discover and immerse yourself in with a gentle bike ride through the most fascinating sites of ancient Lilybeo.  After touring the historic Florio Winery, you can ride along the Marsala seafront as far as Capo Boeo, the furthest point of Western Sicily, and caressed by sea breezes, follow a route that will take you along the coast of Punta D’Alga and out of the town.  A trip where you will discover one of Sicily’s most enchanting landscapes, the “Laguna dello Stagnone Nature Reserve” studded with centuries-old salt flats. Here you can visit the Salt Museum – in ancient times salt was so valuable it was called White Gold – and enjoy the unique colours and scents of this fascinating, untamed corner of the world. You will then take the road back to Florio Winery where a tasty zero kilometres lunch prepared by a great chef will be waiting for you, with exclusive dishes accompanied by Duca di Salaparuta wines, for an experience you will never forget.


For more information:


Cantine Florio – Via Vincenzo Florio, 1

91025 Marsala (Trapani)

Tel : (+39) 0923 781 305/317

Switchboard Tel : (+39) 0923 781 111

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