Three histories in a single group

The Duca di Salaparuta Group owns three historic wine brands that represent Sicily and Italy worldwide: Corvo and Duca di Salaparuta, founded in 1824, and Florio launched in 1833. Gathered into one group by the Reina family, the two companies together today constitute the largest private wine group in Sicily. They express the island’s history and its land through their suggestive Estates and the historic Marsala and Casteldaccia Wine Cellars... But above all through their wines.

A daring Classic
First produced in 1824, Corvo is a classic which has been renewing itself for two centuries, and aims for the future. Wines that are right for your everyday, for moments of relaxation and moments of vivacity, full of personality and pleasure.
Style Icon
The elegance of having chosen quality and naturalness since 1824. Duca di Salaparuta wines have an unmistakeable style and a meticulous care for details: they are created through a constant quest for innovation and a deep bond with their territories.
Unexpected World
Unexpected and original, Florio wines conquer through their luminous Mediterranean attributes, their fascinating history and their daring modernity.

A unique quality

Three approaches that share the same passion for their territories and for innovation. Choosing the best land, caring for their vineyards, applying constant quality controls to grapes and wines... And finally bringing them to you.

Duca di Salaparuta has been green since 1824, thanks to its deep territorial knowledge and to choices intended to minimise human intervention both in vineyards and in wineries.
Research and Development
Every day, Duca di Salaparuta invests in the search for new and avant-garde solutions that respect the natural processes of its vineyards and enhance the unique characteristics of its grape varieties.
Heritage and Craftmanship
An epic tale of craftsmanship that for centuries has been renewed and updated.

A unique territory

Deep roots in the sun-warmed soils of Sicily are shared by all the Duca di Salaparuta Group’s wines. A heritage of colours, aromas and flavours that we export all over the world


Three Estates in three parts of Sicily .

Grape varieties

The grapes we grow


Two Wine Cellars rich in history, art and design

Florio Cellars
Duca and Corvo Cellars
Grape varieties

Where different stories are weaved together

Almost 200 years of history are an extraordinary amount of time in which innovation, lives and adventures have followed and weaved together. From the first half of the 19th century to today, Duca di Salaparuta, Corvo and Florio have helped to shape the history of Sicily and Italy.

Duca di Salaparuta Hospitality

Come and explore our historic Wine Cellar facilities. The Duca di Salaparuta and Corvo Winery in Casteldaccia (Palermo) and the Florio Winery in Marsala. A fascinating journey into the world of wine, design and culture.

Marsala (TP)
Built in tuff stone by Vincenzo Florio in 1833, the Florio Cellars welcome over fifty thousand visitors each year to a unique setting: here history, architecture and design combine to offer a rare exclusive experience that amazes even the most expert wine tourists.
Casteldaccia (PA)
The contemporary and innovatory spirit of Duca di Salaparuta and Corvo is evident in the modern facilities of its Wine Cellars, where tradition and technology go harmoniously hand-in-hand, with a passionate history of meeting challenges and caring for nature.

The perfect wine for every occasion

Every moment of the day, of the year, of a lifetime is unique. Duca di Salaparuta, Corvo and Florio offer you a range of perfect wines to enhance each of these moments.


From classic sparkles to the most unexpected chilled Florio Marsala, the Duca di Salaparuta wines that will make your aperitif moments unforgettable are as many as your desires.
Corvo, Duca di Salaparuta and Florio wines all make perfect partners both for your simplest dishes and your most elaborate recipes. Just choose the right wine and relish your moment of authentic pleasure at the table.
For moments of relaxation in company or for a pause of personal pleasure, Duca di Salaparuta and Florio wines offer you intense personality and unmistakable grace.
Special moments should always be celebrated with a bottle of wine. Sparkling wines, noble wines or simply wines to celebrate the deep instant you are living... The perfect wine is yours to choose!
Special occasion

Wineroom: Duca di Salaparuta’s World

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