Sustainability Certifications

Duca di Salaparuta is the first company in Sicily to obtain two sustainability certifications: VIVA and Equalitas.We have always been committed to environmental, social and economic sustainability in order to ensure that our wines are of the highest quality, to protect our local area and build a social culture.

Duca di Salaparuta is the first Sicilian company to receive the Equalitas Certification.In order to obtain it, we implemented a set of good working, social, economic, environmental and communication practices, with the aim of increasing their performance over time and to continuously improve our sustainability performance.
We chose the Equalitas standard not only to show just how dedicated we are to creating sustainable products, but also to be able to communicate and share information promptly, transparently and reliably with consumers.

The reason we chose VIVA is that it constantly sets improvement targets to be achieved, which are established and monitored by the Italian Ministry for Ecological Transition (MITE).This means that we are now able to measure and improve our performance, creating a virtuous circle that brings numerous benefits to everyone.
The V.I.V.A. (Evaluation of the Impact of Viticulture on the Environment) Certification obtained by our organisation evaluates the environmental sustainability and impact of our activities on our local area, in terms of protecting biodiversity, as well as safeguarding and enhancing the landscape, and for the community, in terms of social and economic impacts.