Florio presents its exclusive cocktails

Mediterraneo, 150 and Oriental, three fresh and easy-to-mix cocktails made with one of Italy’s most beloved wines, marsala VecchioFlorio. Rich in Mediterranean scents and flavours such as mint, basil, elderberry and ginger, VecchioFlorio cocktails are set to add something special to any social moment, especially those hot summer evenings. Three unique recipes for a new way of enjoying marsala wine, one of Italy’s most versatile signature wines.

VecchioFlorio is a superior dry marsala wine made from Grillo and Catarrato grapes; the wine ages for almost three years – well beyond the legally required timeframe – in ancient Slavonia durmast barrels. Adding the scents of Sicily’s aromatic herbs, basil and mint, it becomes Mediterraneo – a cocktail distinguished by a familiar aroma that evokes the summer months and their charms. Oriental moves further east by mixing VecchioFlorio with the fresh nots of ginger and lime for an unexpected flavour experience. Finally 150, the cocktail that Florio has dedicated to Italy’s 150 celebration, combines marsala wine with mint and Elderberry cordial.

Florio Cocktails are but one of the many drinking experiences possible with marsala’s versatile and rich personality. These innovative mixes are also dedicated to younger drinkers that might not be perfectly acquainted with marsala but are nonetheless interested and appreciative of its qualities – 21% of the population between 24 and 35 years old according to the survey by Brandvoyant for Florio on a sample of 1000 Italians.



6 cl Vecchio Florio
Some basil and mint leaves
Top soda water

Pour some basil and mint leaves in a highball glass. Pour Vecchio Florio, then add ice and top up with soda water. Guarnish with basil and mint leaves.



6 cl Vecchio Florio
1,5 cl Elder Cordial
4 mint leaves

Top soda water

Muddle mint leaves with Elder Cordial then add ice. Pour Vecchio Florio. Top up with soda water.


6 cl Vecchio Florio

1 cl fresh lime
1 cl sugar syrup

Top soda water

Muddle ginger, fresh lime and sugar syrup, then pour Vecchio Florio. Shake all ingredients together with ice. Strain into a highball filled with ice.

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