Florio’s new Wine Shop

Florio has inaugurated the opening of its wine shop in Marsala, a state-of-the- art space unrivalled in Italy, designed to welcome visitors at the end of their tour of the Florio Concept Winery. Customers visiting the new wine shop will find all of Florio’s wines, together with Duca di Salaparuta, Corvo and Florio souvenirs and a selection of the finest Sicilian arts and traditional products. The new wine shop will provide visitors with a fascinating experience comprised of the variety of products found, the unique tour of the Winery and the innovative Donna Franca Florio Tasting Room, as well as the architectural qualities of the shop itself. The exquisitely designed space is built directly into one of the winery’s side naves and proudly features the mosaic of Florio’s “Folletto.”


The Wine Shop is the perfect ending to a fascinating and engrossing journey through Florio’s powerful and eclectic world and the winery’s new wine tasting experience centred around the wines’ ideal moments and occasions for consumption.


Florio’s new Wine Shop was created to express all the style, elegance and modernity of Gruppo Duca di Salaparuta through a careful study of the lighting, the decor, the ambient sound and music, and the scents that surround the visitor as they step into this surprising environment. A place where time seems to stand still, a vast and luminous space dedicated to quietly and calmly browsing wines, products and art pieces or to sit down and relax with a glass to continue on the journey of an extraordinary taste experience.

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