Fragola Chic & Cheap: dried Fig and Roquefort Puffs with Corvo Rosso

The Fragola’s recipes Chic & Cheap, today: dried Fig and Roquefort Puffs!


Ingredients to serve 2:

1 pack puff pastry

80 grams Roquefort

4 dried figs

20 grams flaked almonds



Detailed costs:

Puff pastry

€ 1.49

80g Roquefort: € 14.90kg

€ 1.19

4 dried figs: 250g pack

€ 3.98

20g flaked almonds: 100g packet

€ 1.75


€ 8.41

Put the figs to soak in warm water for about an hour. Cut the puff pastry into approx. 10cm circles and raise the edges to form baskets. Fill with the Roquefort cut into cubes, half a fig cut in two segments and a few almond flakes.

Place the baskets on a baking tray lined with baking paper and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180° for 20 minutes. Serve the puffs still hot after drizzling with honey. Decorate the plate with the remaining figs cut in segments and flaked almonds.

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