Sentences, aphorism and quotes about wine

The greatest poets, writers and free thinkers have dedicated many of their thoughts to the feelings evoked by the wine experience, translating it into sentences, aphorisms and quotations about wine.


These statements about wine try to explore a dimension full of fascinating aspects, by using few simple words… below are some of the most significant:


“Wine rejoices the heart of man and joy is the mother of all virtues.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


“Wine is one of the greatest achievements of the man who turned a perishable fruit into something permanent.” – Jean Arlott


“Wine is not just an object of pleasure, but an object of knowledge; and the pleasure depends on the knowledge.” – Roger Scruton


“To take wine into our mouths is to savor a droplet of the river of human history.” – Clifton Fadiman


“The overwhelming strength of the wine penetrates the man and veins spreads and distributes the heat.” – Tito Lucrezio Caro


“Wine is the intellectual part of the meal.” – M. Renault


“Happiness like a fine wine, should be savoured sip by sip.” – L. Feuerbach


“Working makes some days prosperous, wine makes Sundays happy.” – Charles Baudelaire


“A meal without wine is like a day without sunshine.” – Anthelme Brillat-Savarin


“Wine is a little like love: when the right one comes along, you’ll know it.” – Anonymous


“Day-colored wine, night-colored wine, wine with purple feet or wine with topaz blood, wine, starry child of earth…” – Pablo Neruda


“A good wine is like a gentle kiss, its effect throughout the meal is scintillatingly sensual in an elegantly understated way.” – Frances Tabeek


“A good wine is like a good movie: lasts a moment and leaves you in the mouth a taste of glory, is new in every sip and, as with movies, born and reborn in each taster.” – Federico Fellini


“Wine raises the soul and the mind, and all worries leave the human heart.” – Pindar


“Wine is Earth’s answer to the sun.” – Margaret Fuller


“A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover.” – Clifton Fadiman


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