Automated quality systems

Duca di Salaparuta has invested extensively in automation and quality winemaking processes in its Winery Cellars. All the production processes, from the arrival of the grapes in the winery to the storage of the finished product, are now subjected to advanced computer supervision, thus ensuring total product traceability. All the oenological phases are automated and monitored by a state-of-the-art information system, a kind of highly detailed oenologist’s diary. The same applies to the systems for sanitising plant equipment, ensuring “clean” winemaking processes and perfect sterilisation of vats and tanks after each process. Even the cooling system and the maintenance of the right temperature are guaranteed throughout the winemaking process by electronic systems, as is the correct functioning of the tanks and the bottling system. The use of these technologies allows us to minimise production anomalies, to protect the consumer, and to offer the authentic expression of each territory.

Welcome back Vinitaly!

An unexpected Vinitaly 2016 with Duca di Salaparuta. Come to visit our stand and discover the…

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