Important new accolades for Duca di Salaparuta wines

Decanter, the prestigious British magazine, the International Wine & Spirit Competition, which has been giving awards for the quality and excellence of wines from 90 countries for over 40 years, and North America’s largest wine competition, Sélections Mondiales Des Vins, have given prestigious new awards to Duca di Salaparuta and Florio wines.  Accolades were not limited to an internationally known icon such as Duca Enrico, but also given to wines from Tenute Duca di Salaparuta and Florio, which with Vecchio Florio and Baglio Florio (Gold Medal – Sélections Mondiales Des Vins) confirms its position not only as producer of one of the world’s most acclaimed marsalas, but one with a  talent for innovation, as witnessed by an unexpected wine such as Spumante Dolce Florio.


Not just Duca Enrico 2008, the Nero d’Avola par excellence, but also Tenuta Duca di Salaparuta wines, which came out of a desire to increase appreciation of Sicily and its best wine producing areas. Kados, an intense Grillo full of charm, originates in the heart of Salemi province, on Tenuta of Risignolo, Vajasindi, the Estate at the foot of Mount Etna which also produces Làvico, a wine with a strong personality that sums up Nerello Mascalese’s decisive and slightly wild character in a refined manner and is a true expression of its territory of origin and the volcano. Finally, there is Passo delle Mule, another single varietal Nero d’Avola that represents the perfect marriage between the Suor Marchesa estate’s soil and micro-climate and an absolutely unique grape variety.


It goes without saying that the award winning wines include Florio products. Baglio Florio 1998, which won the Gold Medal from Sélections Mondiales Des Vins, is a virgin marsala produced only from the best vintages and aged for more than 10 years in valuable old kegs. An elegant, refined product with a uniquely intense and persistent flavour. Then there is Vecchio Florio, which ages for almost three years in old Slovenian oak barrels to become an inimitable, amber coloured marsala. Vecchio Florio is the only superior marsala aged for longer than required for compliance with the controlled designation of origin requirements, because patience is the secret behind a great marsala  such as this, loved all over the world for its uniqueness.


Faithful to its versatile nature, Florio wanted to expand its already wide range with a special product, Spumante Dolce Florio, an aromatic wine with Mediterranean aromas and citrus notes, produced with hand-harvested Moscato grapes and processed with the Charmat method.  With its elegance, agreeableness and glamorous image, Spumante Dolce Florio made an international name for itself by winning two medals in the first year after its launch on the market.


Sélections Mondiales Des Vins

Baglio Florio 1998 – Gold Medal

Duca Enrico 2008 – Silver Medal

Passo delle Mule 2010 – Silver Medal


Kados 2011 – Silver Medal

Làvico 2009 – Commended

Spumante Dolce Florio – Bronze Medal

VecchioFlorio Dolce 2010 – Commended

VecchioFlorio Secco 2010 – Commended

International Wine and Spirit Competition

Duca Enrico 2008 – Silver Medal

Làvico 2009 – Bronze Medal

Passo delle Mule 2010 – Bronze Medal

VecchioFlorio Secco 2010 – Silver outstanding Medal

VecchioFlorio Dolce 2010 – Silver outstanding Medal

Spumante Dolce Florio – Bronze Medal

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