Ageing & refinement

Time plays a vital role in winemaking. Respecting nature’s time-scales and investing patience in each wine’s own maturing rhythms are vital to the balance of the final product. Whether it’s a white like Corvo Glicine, made to be drunk young, a deeply aged red like Duca Enrico or a Florio Marsala that is potentially eternal, the right time for every wine is ordained purely by the wine itself. The slow evolution in barrels inside the Marsala or Casteldaccia Cellars – and the necessary process of refinement in bottles before being put on the market – guarantee a product with an authentic and clearly defined personality. For any Florio Marsala, in particular, time is a precious ingredient that endows new nuances and richness to wines that do not fear contact with oxygen or the passage of time.

Welcome back Vinitaly!

An unexpected Vinitaly 2016 with Duca di Salaparuta. Come to visit our stand and discover the…

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