Message in a Bottle

Sea- inspired back to work.

5 tips for a dinner that (still) tastes like vacation.

You’ve just gone back to work, and you already feel a heart pang when thinking about the relaxing moments on the shore, the long swimming sessions and the sunsets on the beach?

Take comfort preparing a sea-themed dinner for you and your favourite workmates!


Here’s how:

1. Dress the table with a spread and napkins in shades of blue, azure and turquoise, with some touches of white; prepare a buffet meal instead of setting the table for everyone, and equip yourselves with benches, armchairs, big cushions and other informal seats – the evening’s mood is “No Stress”!


2. Dine in an external space, if you can; otherwise, lighten up the room with sea-themed paper decorations (fishes, shells, boats etc.).


3. Create the right atmosphere with the songs that have accompanied your vacations: the volume should be loud enough to make a pleasant background music, but not too much, in order not to disturb the conversations.


4. Choose a simple menu with fish dishes and mediterranean notes: bruschettas, octopus and squids salad, black rice with smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes and corn salad and a lemon sorbet will instantly make you feel like summer.


5. Drink to your réunion with Colomba Platino, the perfect pairing for sea flavors!

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