Message in a Bottle

Are you a passionate gourmet, always open to hosting fine dining nights? For your dinners to make the leap from “delicious” to “sublime”, take some time to choose the right wines for your menus, especially if wine enthusiasts are your ideal guests. Excellent food-and-wine pairings are the secret of a successful dinner!
Try these 5 sommelier-proof pairings:

1. If an informal, but glam night is what you have in mind, host a cocktail party: offer a set of cocktails prepared with the Vecchio Florio Marsala wine (you can find the recipes here) and a buffet with finger food, savoury appetizers and medium mature cheeses like fontina, provola or pecorino dolce.

2. You’re organizing a three-course dinner? Starters, first: serve smoked salmon with oranges, apples and toasted almonds with Baglio Florio.

3. Then think about the first main course: spaghetti with mullet roe and zucchini go wonderfully with a glass of Terre Arse.

4. For an unexpected second course, use blue cheeses: a complex wine like Donna Franca will bring out the taste of a Filet Mignon with Roquefort Sauce or a chicken with Gorgonzola and nuts.

5. Last but not least, the moment of dessert: Targa Riserva’s baroque richness and exciting notes will be the ideal complement for chocolate pralines, dry and almond cookies and Sicilian cassata and cannoli.

Serve the wine at 12°C in all cases, except for dessert wine, which needs to be served room-temperature. For other ideas on food and wine pairings to try during cocktail parties, at happy hours, after dinner or for meditation, download the map of the Florio Wines pairings.
Enjoy your dinner!

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