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Sustainability has always been central to the history of the companies that are part of the Duca di Salaparuta Group, long before its three pillars (environmental, social and economic) were defined, and has been implemented in many ways ever since the historic Wine Cellars were founded. The Duca di Salaparuta Group has now decided to initiate a certification process in order to give visibility and recognition to all its sustainable activities, and has chosen to become VIVA and Equalitas certified.

‘I have always taken a keen interest in sustainability as I feel it is the only way to achieve a more equitable and exploitable world for future generations. In Duca di Salaparuta I found the challenge I was looking for. Sustainability is embedded in the company’s DNA as a result of its history and the role it has played over the years, but also due to its wealth of content, the technological investments that have made it stand out and its managers’ points of view. In pursuing the VIVA and Equalitas certifications, we wanted to give visibility to everything that Duca di Salaparuta has to offer to the Sicilian winemaking industry, with regard to sustainability and other aspects, and that it has always strived to achieve with its great determination and expertise. It has also been a way for us to measure ourselves against nationally and internationally recognised standards and to contribute by bringing our perspective too.’

Claudia Piccinini
Quality Assurance and Food Safety Manager of the Duca di Salaparuta Group


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