We have carried out a research project in Italy and in the United States, asking a panel of consumers what influences them when choosing a wine, and their opinions about Corvo. This is what they told us and what we did about it.


The research was based on interviews with 4 groups of 8 people, in Chicago (Illinois).

Market Target: buyers and consumers of red/white wine 2-3 times a week, at a cost of 10-12 Dollars, open to the possibility of buying Italian wine.

Group Composition: 50% men and 50% women, between 35 and 40 years old.


In the United States, Corvo’s goal is to develop Brand exposure and expand its distribution. For this reason, a panel of target consumers was asked about their perception of Corvo… which, imported in the USA since the mid-1800s, is a well-known brand but needs to tune itself better to new American consumer’s ideas about, and perception of, Italian wine.

Trends show this new consumer as prepared to buy “known” wines, but also showing themselves willing to choose new wines, remaining mainly in the range between 10 and 15

Dollars when it comes to buying a wine for informal social contexts while rising to $20 for special occasions. These consumers say they often buy a wine because they are attracted by an original label or name, and mention trends such as “mono dose” wines, which they consider practical and enjoyable. They also point to the growing popularity of blends, Rosé wines and Prosecco wines.

When asked about Corvo, they emphasised how the classic linear label provides little useful information. Interestingly, once the wine was tasted through a Blind Taste procedure, price expectations rated it in a higher price range than the current one (10-15 dollars), and indicated a clear preference for Corvo Rosso. American consumers, like their Italian counterparts, expressed the feeling that Corvo wines should not restrict themselves to home consumption goals, aiming to also extend their appeal to socialising, youthful and informal occasions.

In line with these indications, the label was restyled on the American market also, with a more modern look and more extensive label indications on the wine and its Region of origin, while also revitalising the name of the product: CorvoBianco, CorvoRosso and CorvoRosa. In the winery, on the other hand, we worked to make CorvoRosso even more rounded and fragrant, and Corvo Bianco even fresher and more vivacious, perfect for everyday contexts but also for more light-hearted and scintillating occasions.

The intensive research and study carried out on Corvo was generated by our desire to create a contemporary product with a long tradition in the USA, but without losing its deeply Italian identity.



*Source: Insights in marketing

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