The wines of the Irmàna Organic Line

Corvo, always attentive to the natural aspect of the grape and to respect for the local area, having obtained both Viva and Equalitas sustainability certifications – is now also going organic for 2023, with the Irmàna Line. Three native single-varieties, Irmàna Nero d’Avola, Grillo and Frappato, the experience gained in almost two centuries of history and the intimate bond with the land have enabled Corvo to recount the uniqueness of Sicily, taking the vineyard as a starting point.

A commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability brought to fruition in the Irmàna Line, not only in the decision only to use organically farmed grapes, but also in our meticulous compliance with all the protocols imposed by the certifying bodies throughout the production chain, and in the employment of local workers.

Working in the vineyard conscientiously, passing between the rows and weighing each bunch to choose the best ones makes up an accurate task of listening by the people who leave the countryside for the cellar and beyond. To this day, this method still remains the most reliable and is the guarantee that the wines of the Irmàna Line bring the essence of the vines into the glass.

Fundamental principles, set out as a result of constant toil by Corvo on the Irmàna Line, to tell the real story of Sicily and its wealth of Mediterranean aromas and inspirations.


DESIGN | The Irmàna range conveys the importance of sustainability even in its design, via the use of recycled materials for the label, which features delicate pencil drawings. The cork used to seal the bottles is also 100% recyclable (with zero carbon footprint).



Profound knowledge of Sicily and its native vines has resulted in the creation of Irmàna Frappato Bio. Grown in ideal soil, it provides an authentic expression of the integrity of a vine with ancient origins in Sicily. Velvety on the palate, with mild tannins, Irmàna Frappato Bio is very smooth with an aromatic persistence, while the nose is filled with subtle hints of rose and violet. Perfect served with fatty fish dishes, meat and medium-mature cheeses.



Thanks to a strong focus on environmental and agronomic sustainability, along with in-depth knowledge of the grape variety that best represents Sicily, the aromas of marasca cherry and raspberry – typical of these sun-drenched grapes – are captured in the glass. The ample, velvety taste of Irmàna Nero d’Avola Bio and its wealth of structure is complemented with a surprising fresh note, making it the ideal accompaniment to delicious pasta and rice courses, medium-aged meats and cheeses.



From selected Grillo grapes comes this Irmàna, a white wine with an intense but delicate aroma. Grillo, a white grape variety with a vivacious personality and rich in nuances, keeps all its varietal characteristics intact here, which are enhanced by the soft pressing of the grapes. Irmàna Grillo Bio reveals itself in the glass in its bright straw yellow colour, which translates on the nose into succulent fruity notes and Mediterranean flowers such as orange blossom. Broad on the palate, with good freshness and persistence. An excellent accompaniment to fish dishes and white meats.

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