Trip Advisor awards a “Certificate of Excellence 2013” to the Florio Winery

The Florio Winery has been awarded a TripAdvisor “Certificate of Excellence 2013”. The accolade is given to those establishments that consistently achieve outstanding traveller reviews. Only the top-performing 10 per cent of businesses listed on TripAdvisor, the world’s biggest travel site, receive this prestigious award.  This is a very significant recognition as it is the direct result of the opinions and evaluations of those who have personally experienced a tour of the Winery.


The tour gives the over 30,000 visitors who visit Winery ever year a complete and unforgettable experience, leading them on a journey of discovery of atmospheric settings, sensorial well-being and style. The historic Florio Winery in Marsala opens its doors to visitors to offer them a fascinating journey of exploration of a sophisticated, unexpected world. Tradition and innovation meet in the Florio Concept Winery. A visit to the Cellars and the wine tasting become an original adventure that involves the senses and the soul.


The beauty of the historic vaulted naves, the subtle charm of the silence in which the casks rest and a Team dedicated to making visitors welcome have won the Florio Winery a special place in the hearts of travelers from all over the world and a coveted award.

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