3 not-to-be-missed places if you visit Marsala and its surroundings

Another must-see if you are in the Marsala area is undoubtedly Mozia Island, situated in the Stagnone Lagoon, an area of great naturalistic interest.

Founded in VIII B.C., Mozia (now San Pantaleo) was an ancient and prosperous Phoenician colony, a trading post and strategic port of call for ships sailing the Mediterranean Sea.

Located a little more than 6km from the centre of Marsala, it is easily reached in 10 minutes by one of the little boats provide a ferry service to the island. The ruins of the old city and numerous archaeological artefacts make Mothia Island a must if you are in the vicinity of Marsala.


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3) The Salt Flats

Along the road that leads from Trapani to Marsala, you will no doubt have noticed dazzling white mountains, or long mounds of the same snowy colour laid out with almost geometrical precision, shimmering in the Sicilian sun – they are the salt flats.

The salt flats were also introduced to the Trapani and Marsala area by the Phoenicians. Having noted the extremely favourable conditions for salt production (using the ancient water evaporation process), they decided to channel seawater into ponds where it evaporated, and the resulting salt was harvested and then exported throughout the Mediterranean basin.

Despite their ancient origins, the salt flats are still being worked using traditional methods.


Don’t miss the chance to stop for a moment to enjoy how the setting sun colours the white mounds of salt and the shallow waters of the lagoon a brilliant orange before disappearing behind the windmills dotting this unforgettable landscape… Perhaps accompanied by a glass of good wine!


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3 not-to-be-missed places if you visit Marsala and…

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