Beach wines: which to choose?

For those who love the sea, there is nothing more beautiful than spending a day on the beach, with friends or with your partner. After a dip in the sea, a bit of sunbathing and a gentle breeze at sunset, you feel like stopping time, to treasure this feeling of happiness and take it with you when the summer is over.

So let’s toast to the summer and to the light-hearted, carefree feeling that makes us feel more alive than ever! To do this, we can recommend the most suitable wines to drink on the beach, with some tips on how to pair them.

Let’s start with lunch: there is nothing more satisfying than a classic fried seafood platter, to indulge in a moment of pure pleasure, possibly in a spot in the shade by the sea.  With a splash of lemon and a glass of fresh Corvo Glicine you will have a perfect pairing so you can enjoy your fried seafood platter to the fullest!       

And when the sun goes down and the air becomes crisp, it’s the ideal time for an aperitif!  Sitting by the sea, don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a glass of Star Grillo Müller and Thurgau together with delicious finger food. An example? Goat’s cheese and pear canapés or salmon and coconut balls. Let your imagination run wild and tell us what your best pairings with Star Grillo Müller and Thurgau are by sending us some photos of your creations via Instagram or Facebook!

An aperitif is a very enjoyable moment, but dinner is the cherry on top of a great day, isn’t it? When the stars are shining bright and the sound of the waves drowns out everything else, it’s time to sit down on a panoramic terrace and enjoy the atmosphere created by the lanterns overlooking the sea. A barbecue with the catch of the day is always a great idea, if you’re ready to be surprised. The best part about the catch of the day is that you might be able to taste some rare fresh fish, which is why the wine must be just as special! Colomba Platino is the best choice: created especially by Topazia Alliata to be paired with elegant fish and shellfish dishes, Colomba Platino will add a touch of uniqueness and glamour to your dinner.

Finally, would you like to have an unforgettable experience right next to the sea in Sicily? Exclusive tastings await you at the Cantine Florio in Marsala and at the Cantine Duca di Salaparuta in Casteldaccia!


Beach wines: which to choose?

For those who love the sea, there is nothing more beautiful than spending a day…

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