Duke Enrico Alliata di Salaparuta: a pioneer of vegetarian cuisine

The philosophy of “healthy eating”, derived from a greater awareness of the benefits our bodies get from a balanced diet, is one of today’s most talked about issues, and this is also why the decision to opt for a vegetarian (or vegan) diet is now the order of the day.


Certainly, the vegetable kingdom offers an abundance of healthytasty alternatives to substitute for a diet of animal source foods. The combinations for maintaining a varied, wholesome diet by choosing a vegetarian diet are almost limitless.


Nowadays being vegetarian is a much simpler, widespread choice than in the past, but a pioneer of vegetarian cuisine – including the raw food that is now very fashionable in the USA and among Hollywood celebrities – was without doubt Duke Enrico Alliata di Salaparuta, who was well ahead of his time in his in-depth studies of modern philosophies about food and diet.


gentleman of international fame, an expert in the kitchen and in industry, Enrico Alliata was also a culinary enthusiast and wine expert. It is to him we owe the publication of “Cucina vegetariana e naturismo crudo”, one of the very first texts about vegetarian diets published just a few decades after the appearance (and spread) of the term “vegetarianism”.


Duke Enrico was firmly in favour of a vegetarian and raw food diet, insisting on the fact that all the sustenance needed by man could be provided by nature and its cycles.


His book proposed a diet based mainly on the consumption of cereals, vegetables and legumes: healthy, unadulterated foods that go perfectly with a noble beverage such as wine.


As well as being truly impressive in number (1030 chosen from every country), the recipes collected in “Cucina vegetariana e naturismo crudo” are equally surprising in their presentation – many of the tasty dishes having singular names that recall meat dishes, such as the “fois gras pie” or “the “Pasha’s chops”, even if they are totally vegetarian dishes.


Are you curious to know more? We will continue to talk about Enrico Alliata Duke of Salaparuta and his study of vegetarian and raw food cuisine …. follow us to keep updated.

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