Climate is changing all over the world and Sicily is no exception. The increasingly humid and warm summers and the sudden violent rainstorms make it difficult for those who have cultivated native Sicilian vines for centuries, accustomed to a Mediterranean climate. Duca di Salaparuta has been studying climate change for a long time, and based on these studies it chose to buy its Estates in territories with the specific characteristics of altitude, soil drainage capacity, aeration, thermal excursion and exposure to sunlight. This has the advantage of offering a welcoming and naturally healthy environment for the vines selected for growing (such as the Nerello Mascalese, particularly resistant to rain), bringing a notable reduction in vineyard problems and providing a non-invasive care for both the soil and the vine. Their experience in other areas and the studies conducted make it possible for Duca di Salaparuta’s technicians to also offer valuable advice to the company’s 3rd party grape suppliers, who in this way receive the know-how necessary to deal with new rain statistics, optimising vine treatment and working their vineyards accordingly.

Welcome back Vinitaly!

An unexpected Vinitaly 2016 with Duca di Salaparuta. Come to visit our stand and discover the…

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