Pressing is the process by which the grapes, after being lightly squeezed, are crushed with a heavy press, separating the liquid part (must or wine) from the solid part of the grape (the marc). In making red wine, the pressing is carried out after the maceration of grapes with their skins, while for white wine it is carried out on the fresh grapes. The soft pressing and draining of the white grapes leads to the gathering of the first liquid, the so-called flower of the wine, the most noble part. Several pressing phases follow, from which progressively less valuable liquids are obtained. Duca di Salaparuta has studied this delicate process meticulously and has established an automated pressing procedure tailor-made for each grape cultivar: this means that we encourage the natural development of the winemaking process to ensure constant quality throughout the vinification, obtaining a consistent product and therefore an outstanding final result. In other words, our meticulous care aims to preserve all the features of each grape variety and protect them all the way up to the final wine glass.

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An unexpected Vinitaly 2016 with Duca di Salaparuta. Come to visit our stand and discover the…

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