Wine Advocate, Aegusa Florio 1994 Marsala is among the Top 20 Extraordinary Wines

The prestigious American publication, Wine Advocate, has awarded Florio Aegusa1994 Marsala 97 points to make it the only Italian in its top 20 Extraordinary Wines from around the world. Recognized as exerting significant influence on emerging trends in the international market, and as a guide not only to a limited circle of wine connoisseurs, but also the greater wine-loving public, Wine Advocate assigns this important recognition to marsala, one of Italian wine-making’s most distinctive wines.
Aegusa is a rare medium-dry Superior Marsala Reserve, which the Florio family loved to offer their most illustrious guests after dinner. A grand, refined wine which maintains the authenticity of each individual vintage, matured without blending, each taking its own time in its own vat. Made with meticulous care, marsala destined to become Aegusa rests in the peaceful silence of the Florio cellars in Marsala for many long years. The result is a wine with a bouquet that encompasses myriad spicy and fruity aromas, and which captivates with its long, persistent mineral taste rich with hints of stewed fruit, liquorice root and burnt honey.
A great product that made Italian wine-making history but which also has modernity in its DNA, and which provides a truly unforgettable taste experience. Vintages: 1941, 1952, 1964, 1974, 1989, 1994, 2001.

Meditation wine.
Serving temperature – 15° C.
Grape – Grillo.


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